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Many gains in fight against HIV, but epidemic is far from over

University of California researchers continue to develop creative solutions to the enduring issue of HIV/AIDS. 

Half a million tests and many mosquitoes later, new buzz about a malaria prevention drug

UC San Diego researchers test chemical compounds for their ability to inhibit the malaria parasite at an earlier lifecycle stage. 

An opioid epidemic may be looming in Mexico — and the US may be partly responsible

UCLA research shows that opioid use in Mexico has been low, but national and international factors are converging and a threat of increased drug and addiction rates exists.

ZestBio continues innovation with waste-based products

UC Berkeley alum, Ryan Protzko, is using yeast to make a bio-based plastic produced from agricultural waste. 

UC Riverside School of Medicine and Eisenhower Health establish training affiliation

Partnership addresses long-term healthcare needs of Coachella Valley.

A reason for optimism: Treating chronic pediatric disease in Haiti

UCSF School of Nursing is collaborating with the Haiti-based Kay Mackenson Clinic in an effort to better manage chronic diseases in a low-resource setting. 

Researcher takes first step toward improved diagnosis for Valley fever

Clinicians searching for a new way to identify Valley fever patients who develop the disease’s worst symptoms will find hope in a new paper by UC Merced Professor Katrina Hoyer.

UC Irvine and Singapore researchers find source of 2015 Southeast Asia smoke cloud

Burning of peatlands in Borneo and Sumatra created severe air pollution in region.

Refugees reclaim human rights with technology

From UC Davis, the Article 26 Backpack is a new humanitarian tool that displaced people are using to securely store and share documents, such as transcripts and resumes, with universities, scholarship agencies and employers.

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