Student talking to young girl with title No summer rest as UC students eye global health abroad, at home

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No summer rest as UC students eye global health abroad, at home

Four UC students talk about their summer global health experiences in Thailand, Ghana, Mexico and California's Central Valley.

Why I stopped charging my patients for consultations

UCSF PhD Student Mohamed Bailor Barrie discusses his experience as a doctor during Sierra Leone's civil war.

Immigrant policing and public health

UCI study finds intense immigrant policing practices corrode Latinos’ trust in the government as a source of health information.

Training the next generation of One Health professionals

With One Health Programs on the rise, UC Davis researchers propose core standards.

Planetary Health COE launches International Student Ambassador Program

Nine students from eight countries named ambassadors.

Online global health courses supplement campus offerings

UCGHI's online global health courses cover a variety of topics and are available to all UC undergraduates.

Women's Health, Gender and Empowerment COE awards summer grants to UC students

The awards fund research in drug addiction, health justice, LGBTQ+ inmates and health disparities among Latina immigrants. 

Global Programs Offices strengthen UC researchers’ work in Africa

Offices abroad offer UC researchers financial management, procurement, logistics and compliance services, as well as local technical expertise. 

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