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Spotlight: UCLA Center for International Medicine

The UCLA Center for International Medicine (CIM) is a non-profit organization based out of the UCLA School of Medicine dedicated to improving global health through education, training and technology. Led by Executive Director Eric Savitsky, MD, a UCLA Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine and UCLA CASIT Board of Directors member, the Center has developed into a global leader in innovative health education and training solutions and its products have been used to educate and train thousands of healthcare providers worldwide on a variety of subject matter.

Its vision is to “mitigate the shortage of trained healthcare providers worldwide by creating innovative and effective health education and medical training programs.” The CIM partners with nonprofits, international organizations, private industry clients and federal agencies to produce culturally appropriate and just-in-time training to areas that lack such resources.

On the set of a recreations for a video for the International Rescue Committee. Doctor and patient actresses are practicing their scene.

“We partner with organizations conducting frontline healthcare worker training and produce educational materials that they can use in the field,” explains Nicole Durden, CIM Managing Director. “We leverage what UCLA has to offer in terms of expertise in medicine and education, as well as take advantage of our location in Los Angeles to produce high-quality multimedia training modules.”

The CIM computer-based training programs combine authentic patient care digital video, animations, interactive training exercises, 3-D imagery, digital radiographic images and text synchronized with audio narration. They provide the auditory, visual and environmental advantages of bedside teaching without the logistical constraints and can be delivered via DVD, USB or the Internet.

For example, the CIM partnered with the International Rescue Committee, which had identified a need to teach healthcare providers and other clinic staff how to provide compassionate, confidential, and competent care to survivors of sexual assault during times of war and conflict. They produced an instructor-led computer-based training program entitled, “Clinical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors,” which is now being used by the IRC and other agencies worldwide. It features video footage from a variety of refugee camps and international communities, compelling medical scenarios played by actors, animation, medical graphics and a variety of other multimedia tools.

The CIM has also produced training programs on Landmine Safety Training with United Nations Mine Action Service, Injury Care Training with Project Hope, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Training with the Armenia Foundation. In addition, CIM runs a monthly emergency medicine resident education exchange with the Bali International Medical Centre Hospital in Indonesia.

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