What We Do

Signature Research Project

Sexual violence (SV) and intimate partner violence (IPV) are pervasive problems on college campuses in the United States and globally. The WHGE COE’s signature project aims to build an evidence-base for California campus sexual violence programs and policies that can be replicated and taken to scale in the US and internationally.

  • UC Speaks Up
    • UC Speaks Up is a three-campus (UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara) qualitative research project aimed to assess the perceptions of the campus environment related to sexual violence and explore how institutional and community policies influence students’ lives and experiences.
  • International Pilot Grant Program
    • The International Pilot Grant Program supports global universities in their assessment of campus-based sexual violence/IPV prevention and subsequent design or improvement of university policies to prevent and response to violence and assault.


  • Measures of Women's Empowerment Database
    • You can use this tool to find different measures of gender equity and levels of empowerment. The measures in this database have been used in research on a wide range women’s health topics and have been used in domestic and global situations.
  • California Home Abortion by Telemedicine (CHAT) Study
    • The CHAT Study, a patient-centered abortion care model offering direct-to patient telemedicine-based abortion, is designed to meet individual patient’s needs by offering a no-test telemedicine abortion or referral to tests as the patient desires.

Education and Student Engagement 

  • Women's Health, Gender and Empowerment online course
    • Provides core knowledge and skills from several disciplines on how to improve women's health and well-being globally through an exploration of the interconnected factors that influence women’s health and empowerment.
  • Student Ambassador Program
    • The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students to serve and represent the WHGE COE among the student population and larger community.
  • Research Fellowships
    • The WHGE COE awards stipends up to $2,500 to support University of California undergraduate students pursuing internships and fellowships in the areas of women’s health, gender and empowerment.
  • Global Health Internships
    • The WHGE COE is offering global and local internship opportunities to UC students, with guidance from WHGE COE Faculty Liaisons.