International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B)

For more than 50 years, ICDDR, B has been conducting world class global health research on diseases related to malnutrition, food insecurity, chronic exposure to enteric infections, and nutrition‐related non-communicable diseases.

Research conducted by the ICDDR, B Center for Nutrition & Clinical Services, led by Dr. T. Ahmed, addresses all of these issues with studies spanning discovery science, novel intervention development, and delivery and implementation research. ICDDR, B has laboratory facilities, established community‐based research sites, and clinical care facilities.

UC Davis and ICDDR, B have had a long history of collaboration on research and training. Since 2000, they have maintained a PhD fellowship program supported by the Fogarty International Center. UC Davis and ICDDR, B currently work together on multiple research projects, including:

  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Benefits Project
  • The Rang‐Din Nutrition study
  • The Research on Integration of Nutrition Early Childhood Development WASH (RINEW) project
  • Efficacy of newborn vitamin A supplementation on improving immune function
  • Efficacy of vitamin B12 supplementation during pregnancy on infant outcomes
  • Novel isotope dilution technique to assess vitamin A status and hyperviatminosis A.

ICDDR, B's Executive Director, Dr. John Clemens, is UCLA faculty, providing additional collaborative opportunities for GloCal.

Site contact: Abdur Rahman Patwary