Partners in Hope (PIH)

PIH is a Malawian non-governmental organization and a significant contributor to the country's response to HIV/AIDS. PIH consists of a free-standing medical center, a large free HIV clinic, and an adult and pediatric medical ward. It provides opportunities for Malawi and UC trainees focused on HIV/AIDS research, infectious disease, maternal-child health and mental health.

Since 2010, PIH has been funded by the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) as a key care and treatment center in partnership with UCLA. PIH has supported over 130 sites to expand HIV care for adults, children, and peripartum women. Thanks to the success of their Option B+ for pregnant women, PIH was recently awarded a 4-year extension to this grant.

PIH and UCLA are also part of a new multi-organization, multi-country consortium focused on innovations in HIV care across sub-Saharan Africa. PIH and UCLA have conducted clinical and implementation research to address women's health, tuberculosis and cryptococcus diagnostics, and evaluation Option B+, early infant diagnosis, and clinical mentoring.

PIH has mentored UCLA clinical residents, fellows, and pre- and postdoctoral students since 2010, and served as a site for T32-funded trainees. PIH has full-time epidemiology and clinical mentors in Malawi, including Drs. A. Schooley (pediatrician and Malawi Country Director) and D. Namarika (Medical Director of PIH); those based at UCLA include Drs. J. Currier, T. Coates, and R. Hoffman.

Site contact:  Dr. Risa Hoffman