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Principles of Partnership

  1. Partnerships with local and global organizations are an essential element of all functions of the UCGHI and COEs. The approach to partnerships is defined by flexibility and transparency.
  2. Partners will collaborate to fulfill the COE mission in at least one of the following functions: education, research, and action
  3. Whenever possible, COEs will build on existing partnerships developed by constituent faculty and/or organizations.
  4. Whenever possible, COEs will collaborate to build on partnerships at other COEs.
  5. The UCGHI will act to facilitate communication across COEs, identification of potential connections across COE partnerships, and development of institutional affiliations.
  6. As it develops, the UCGHI will propose a streamlined approach to developing institutional affiliations for the UC system and will take the lead on making agreements for formal partnerships (i.e., MOUs).
  7. As the UCGHI and COEs develop, regional hubs of partnerships may be identified and institutionalized (eg, with established centers to coordinate local field projects, research, etc.)
  8. To the extent possible, information on partnerships will be centrally maintained and made accessible to reduce redundancy and promote collaborations.