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One Health: Water, Animals, Food and Society

The proposed governance structure for the One Health Center (OHC) is shown in the chart below. The OHC will be led by the two co-directors, one from each of the two main campuses (Davis and Riverside). For day-to-day governance, the two co-directors will draw upon the informal advice of an advisory committee that will be composed of four faculty members (two from each of the two campuses). However, all major decisions on programs and budget will need to be approved by a steering committee, which will consist of the two co-directors, the four members of the advisory committee, and 10 additional faculty members from all six participating campuses.

The work program of the steering committee will be distributed across three subcommittees — one on Research, a second on Education, and the third on Communication and Development. Different members of the steering committee will serve on the three subcommittees. So as to not make them too unwieldy, each subcommittee will be composed of five members.


Bruce Link, PhD, MS

UC Riverside