Advisor toolkit: Online global health courses

Help your students connect to the UC Global Health Institute’s suite of online courses, open to all University of California students.

Global health is an interdisciplinary field that attracts students studying many different disciplines – from psychology and engineering to sustainability and economics. These courses aim to connect UC students interested in global health, teach them fundamental concepts and complex issues of global health, and inspire them to explore and contribute to this growing discipline.

You can use the information below to inform and assist students interested in global health curriculum.

List of online global health courses

Promotional fliers to post on bulletin boards on your campus

UCGHI video series
Introduces the field of global health, explores career options, and highlights the UCGHI online courses.

Course trailers
Two of our courses have trailers targeted towards potential students.


Enrolled students may register for UCGHI undergraduate courses and earn credit from their home campus through the UC Cross-Campus Enrollment portal. If a student's campus hosts the course, they may enroll through their campus registrar.

UCGHI's online courses are developed by interdisciplinary, multi-campus teams of faculty and supported by the UC Office of the President's Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI).