UC Global Health Day 2024

The University of California Global Health Institute (UCGHI), spanning ten-UC campuses, hosted our signature conference that showcases the outstanding global health research, training, education and advocacy taking place across the University of California system and beyond. Our network is made up of local and global multidisciplinary collaborators working with students, post-docs, staff, faculty, educators/scholars, health providers, lawyers, policymakers, community members, and others working on cutting edge issues. 

Interdisciplinary by nature and collaborative in spirit, global health efforts encompass a range of academic topics – from psychology to engineering to sustainability and economics, scholars are committed to improving the health of humans, animals and ecosystems around the globe.

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Watch UC Global Health Day 2024 Recordings

Change Agents Unite! Leveraging Your Skills and Power for Transformation Through Policy and Advocacy

Presentation slides

Environmental Justice Panel

Presentation slides

Reproductive Health and Abortion Rights Panel

Presentation slides

Community Advocacy in Shaping HIV Response and Health Care Access

Presentation slides

Lightning Presentation #1 - An Indigenous Perspective on Big Data and Emerging Technologies

Lightning Presentation #2 - Unveiling Achievements and Charting Future Goals at the Center for Food Justice and Health Equity

UCLA Art & Global Health Center's Sex Squad Performance

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