Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM)

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) has a longstanding collaboration with three UC campuses (UCLA, UCSD and UCSF) and counterparts in Mozambique including Maputo Central Hospital (MCH), Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS), and the Ministry of Health (MoH).  This collaboration provides mentoring for global health research in medicine, pediatrics, surgery, pathology, radiology, neurosciences, gynecology/obstetrics, nursing, and pharmacy. UCSD collaborations are funded by ongoing NIH research grants, a D43 training grant in biosciences and public health (Noormahomed, Schooley), PEPFAR’s Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI), the Health Professional Education Partnership Initiative (HEPI), UCSD-CFAR, and foundation grants.  Support from the UCSD CFAR, foundations, and the Fogarty International Center further have strengthened UCSD’s ties within Mozambique and expanded the collaboration to include additional key public Mozambican universities Lurio University (UniLurio), Zambeze University (Unizambeze), and Mozambique Pedagógica University (UPM) as well as the Higher Institute for Health Sciences (ISCISA), the Quelimane Central Hospital and the Quelimane Institute of Health Sciences (QIHS). UCLA’s collaborations in pediatrics and pediatric surgery have recently expanded from clinical training to research training. UCSF’s activities within Mozambique began with a PEPFAR-supported Monitoring and Evaluation collaboration with the MoH and now includes the Strengthening Interprofessional Education (STRIPE) project.

Mozambican entities supporting GloCal activities include two NGOs (the Mozambique Institute for Health Education and Research (MIHER) and a UCSF-affiliated NGO. MIHER has the capacity to manage US government funds and supports two translational research laboratories at UEM. MIHER also trains local administrative personnel to manage regulatory documents related to human subject research and to support University and NGO-based research throughout Mozambique.  MIHER owns a three-bedroom apartment in Maputo to support visiting GloCal fellows.

Site contact: Dr. Emilia Virginia Noormahomed