Hanoi Medical University (HMU)

Hanoi Medical University (HMU), established in 1902, is the oldest and largest health sciences university in Vietnam. HMU has a 400-bed teaching hospital and schools in medicine, nursing, public health, and traditional medicine. HMU has more than 70 academic departments and research units and about 1000 faculty members who have received their graduate training in Vietnam and/or abroad. It collaborates with universities all over the world for teaching and research.

The collaboration between HMU and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) started in 2011 with the Vietnam – HIV Addiction Technology Transfer Center (VHATTC) project, funded by SAMHSA with technical assistance from UCLA’s Integrated Substance Abuse Program. VHATTC (now renamed to Vietnam International Technology Transfer Center) continues to be a technical assistance resource for addiction professionals in Vietnam. In 2016, a Fogarty-funded training program on advanced epidemiological methods (NIH D43 TWW010057) for Vietnamese scholars was led by Dr. Li Li (UCLA). Collaboration on a study of antimicrobial resistance in STDs began in 2017, and continued with a study on STIs among PrEP users and antimicrobial resistance in N. gonorrhoeae (7R21AI157817-02). In 2020, NIDA funded HMU to work with Dr. Steven Shoptaw (UCLA) on a study to reduce methamphetamine use among methadone patients (R01DA050486).

With the continuing GloCal training program, HMU aims to develop more studies in important areas including HIV/AIDS, STIs, antimicrobial resistance, addiction, mental health, aging and non-communicable diseases.

Site contact: Dr. Le Minh Giang