Poster session

From health policy to nutrition, to mental health and technology, UC Global Health Day 2018 poster presentations will showcase the work of students and faculty working on finding solutions to the world’s most pressing global health challenges.

This year, UC San Diego global health majors will present their senior capstone projects during the poster session.

Title Name Campus
Stigma and Mental Health Concerns of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS in Mwanza, Tanzania Sahil Aggarwal UC Irvine
Contraception Use and Gender Equitable Attitudes Amongst Men in Western Kenya Christopher Ahlbach UC San Francisco
Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Healthcare among Syrian Refugees at Burj el-Barajneh Refugee Camp in Beirut, Lebanon Ola Alani UC San Francisco
Health needs and priorities of Syrian refugees in camp and urban settings in Jordan: perspectives of refugees and health care providers Tala Al-Rousan UC San Diego
Committing Our Careers to Women’s Health: The Global Health Experience in the Fellowship in Family Planning Sarah Averbach UC San Diego
Exclusive breastfeeding outcomes among women who experienced mistreatment during facility based delivery in Uttar Pradesh, India Sankari Ayyaluru UC San Francisco
Rx One Health: Training As Future Global Health Professionals To Develop Solutions For Healthier Populations June Barrera UC Davis
Developing sustainable cervical cancer screening in Mwanza, Tanzania: Implementation of a Screen-and-Treat Model Megan Bernstein UC Irvine
Cybergirl Rwanda: Using human-centered design to develop digital sexual health and employment tools. Megan Bontempo UC Berkeley
High consumption of packaged foods and sugar-sweetened beverages and the association with stunted growth among 24-month old children in rural and semi-rural Cambodia Akemi Brown UC San Francisco
Staying connected: Measuring quality of life in older people living with HIV in the Coachella Valley Brandon Brown UC Riverside
A Broad Academic Partnership to Support Pediatric and Family Medicine Post-Graduate Medical Education in Mozambique William Buck UC Los Angeles
Effect of gender roles on fathers’ attitudes and breastfeeding practices Diana Bueno Gutierrez UC Davis
Couple Communication and Family Planning Use Among Married Adolescent Girls in Dosso, Niger Sneha Challa UC San Diego
Assessing the successful implementation of the Surgical Management and Reconstructive Training (SMART) course in Nepal: Competency test data from two consecutive years. Sravya Challa UC San Francisco
Citizen Science GIS: Collaborating with Communities to Investigate Marine Debris in Hopkins, Belize Michelle Chang UC Berkeley
Attitudes and Practices of Adult Population Towards Blood Donation in Soroti, Eastern Uganda: A Qualitative Study Laura Checkley UC San Francisco
The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Healthcare Access Among Asian Pacific Islander Immigrants with Limited English Proficiency Suraj Dhanjani UC Los Angeles
Association of unintended pregnancy with infant deaths among women in Nigeria Demographic Health Survey 2013 Anvita Dixit UC San Diego
Perceptions of foreign medical aid among Honduran healthcare providers: a qualitative study Kara Faktor UC Los Angeles
One Health Nicaragua: Using Youth Education to Promote Participation in the Development of Community Health Practices Lindsey Garcia UC Davis
Changing patterns of utilization in a free pediatric clinic in Roatán, Honduras Sean Gonzales UC Berkeley
Improving Maternal Care: The Development of Birthing Centers in Nepal Seang Keomanee UC Davis
Overcoming Stigma and Other Challenges in Population-Based Psychiatric Epidemiology Studies Young Shin Kim UC San Francisco
Scholarly Activities for Medical Students on Short-term Global Health Trips Christina Kinnevey UC San Francisco
The Feasibility of Implementing Improved Stoves to Mitigate COPD in Communities of the Guatemalan Highlands Brent Klapthor UC San Francisco
A Psychometric Scoring Methodology to Identify Gaps in Health-based Gender Equality and Empowerment Measures Cassidy Koo UC San Diego
Understanding Infant Feeding in Roatán, Honduras: A Cross-Section Survey of Infants 0-6 months Kristiana Lehn UC Davis
DREAMer’s Forced Return Migration: Policy analysis and recommendations to ensure equitable healthcare access Vanessa Lopez UC San Diego
Exploring how immigration policy impacts the health and well-being of children in a rural setting from the perspectives from those serving them Andrea Lopez UC Merced
Knights Landing Environmental Health Risk Assessment Survey: The Power of Community-Based Participatory Research Sevana Manukian UC Davis
Decomposition of Maternal Education and Wealth Inequalities in Child Mortality and Access to Safe Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) in Ethiopia Sara McElroy UC San Diego
Lessons Learned from International Partners: An Evaluation of the UCLA Department of Medicine Global Health Elective in Malawi Rachel Mernoff UC Los Angeles
Strengthening Pediatric Critical Care Capacity in the Peruvian Amazon Kiran Mitha UC Los Angeles
The Rheumatic Heart Disease Healthcare Paradox: Bahia, Brazil Daniel Morberg UC Berkeley
Building Stronger Foundations: Utilizing Bilateral Exchange to Improve Global Health (GH) Training Charles Newcomer UC Los Angeles
Early Childhood and Concurrent Factors associated with Obesity at age 8 in Vietnamese children in the Young Lives Cohort Study Tuyen Nguyen UC San Francisco
Innovative Learning Technology Initiative for Global Health Education Oladele Ogunseitan UC Irvine
Assessing knowledge of cervical cancer among health care students in Mwanza, Tanzania Priya Patel UC Irvine
Individual, Partner, and Partnership Characteristics Associated with Trust within Casual Partnerships Reported by HIV-Negative Men Who Have Sex with Men and Transgender Women in Tijuana, Mexico Rudy Patrick UC San Diego
Who is a Migrant? Conceptualizing Mobility when Studying Migrant's Health Carlos Rivera UC San Diego
Public Healthcare Systems and Diabetes Prevention Among People of Mexican Origin: The PRuDENTE (Diabetes Prevention via Exercise, Nutrition and Treatment) Initiative of Mexico City. Luis Rodriguez UC San Francisco
Health without borders: Creating partnerships to Address Rural Mexican Migrants' Healthcare Services Needs Katheryn Rodriguez UC Riverside
GAIN Initiative: Implementation of the WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in Malawi Sharon Rose UC San Francisco
Report on comprehensive observation of Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition day (VHSND) in Bihar, India. Ria Saha UC San Francisco
Household Food Insecurity is a Mediator of the Association between Internalized Stigma and Opportunistic Infections among HIV-infected Women in Rural India Sanghyuk Shin UC Irvine
Transporting high quality DNA/RNA from geographically isolated LMICs: Esophageal tumors successfully preserved from Tanzania to San Francisco Jordyn Silverstein UC San Francisco
Brucellosis surveillance at the human-animal interface in Tanzania: A One Health Approach Woutrina Smith UC Davis
Role of Dexmedetomidine on Postoperative Recovery and Preoperative Narcotic Consumption in Third World Mission Trips for Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Repair Amode Tembhekar UC Davis
Evaluation Of Moringa Oleifera As Nutritional Rehabilitation For Malnutrition Emily Tomich UC Irvine
Interdisciplinary Education in the Global Health Sciences: A Two-Semester Assessment of a One Health Pilot Undergraduate Course at UC Berkeley Michelle Tong UC Berkeley
Urban Food Security and Nutritional Challenges in West Africa: Evidence from Accra, Ghana Cascade Tuholske UC Santa Barbara
Living neglected at both side of the U.S.-Mexico border: Chagas disease among Yucatecan immigrants in South California Alba Valdez Tah UC Irvine
“I stood firm where I place my body”: A case study in understanding body, self and mental health in contemporary Chinese society Hua Wu UC San Diego
The Correlation of Tobacco and Alcohol Use with Mental Health of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans Hong-Ho Yang UC Los Angeles
Strategic Plans to Implement Point-of-Care Testing for Patients with Infectious Diseases and Acute Myocardial Infarction in Central Vietnam Amanullah Zadran UC Davis
Risk Factors of Childhood Tooth Decay and Malnutrition in Nepal Neha Zahid UC Berkeley
Empowering Knowledge for Individual Well-Being: The C.R.A.F.T. Method of Health Education Cynthia Zarate UC Los Angeles

UC San Diego global health capstone projects

Title Name
Pakistani Mental Health: The "Paagal" Paradigm Nayab Alam
Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Asian American College Students: The Call to Restructure Culturally Competent Counseling and Psychological Services Maricris Arandia
Intergenerational Trauma Transmission of Salvadoran Migrant Women On To Their First and Second Generation in the United States Jazlyn Y. Barrientos
Stigma Fuels the Cancer of the Streets: A Critical Analysis of How The United States’ Healthcare System is Failing to Respond to Treatment for Addiction Tess Burney
Climate Change and the United States Geriatric Healthcare System Alexis Burnstan
Disordered Eating Prevention: Developing a Framework for Transfeminine Individuals Lucero Camarena
PHC and Me: A Relationship between Chinese Immigrant Status and Health Behaviors Stella Hoi Yu Chin
“Militarism, Guns, and Biological Agents of War:” An Analysis of Warfare’s Effect on Rural Health Ryann-Kai Corpuz
Improving efficacy of drug-based interventions for tuberculosis: strategies for disease management for homeless individuals in California Chandra Couzens
A Site Analysis Approach: How Barrio Logan’s Built Environment Affects the Health of its Community Kristiana Cuevas
Understanding our Actions: Addressing Climate Change and Food Insecurity in India Rebecca Czerny
An Analysis of Mental Health Risk Factors and Behaviors Among Immigrant Women from Southern India and the Philippines Christina Garibaldi
Sexual Exploitation and HIV risk among Female Sex Workers in Tijuana Mexico Rubeen Gaurdado
“Urban Poverty Across the World”: A Comparison of Housing Inequalities and their effects on health of vulnerable populations of Cape Town, South Africa and Tijuana, Mexico Yesenia González-Zavala
Cultural Competency and Facilitating the Death Conversation in End-of-Life Care Michelle Gregorio
The Untold Story of Women’s Health in the Northeast Region of India: A Study of Health Inequalities and their Origins. Heather Helvink
Lowering the colorectal cancer mortality rate among Chinese American immigrants in the US through improving screening access and education Erica Ho
Lost Generation: A Calling for International Stakeholders to Invest More Resources in the Mental Health of Civil War Youth Negin Javaherchian
Analyzing Barriers to Wellness for the Syrian Refugee Population within San Diego County Summer Ali Kanj
Obesity is No Weigh to Live: The Global Epidemic that is Taking Over the Lives of People in Latin America Michelle Josefina Keung
Examining Oral Health Disparities in Minority Children in America Brittany Kim
Veggie Chips and Coca-colonization: Driving Forces of the Global Obesity Epidemic Manali Kulkarni
"Making the Familiar Strange:" Unexpected Consequences and Unforeseen Circumstances among Unsolicited Health Interventions in Rural South India Lucien LaFerr
Global Health with an Economic Incentive: A Criticism of Health Technology in Post-Colonial Africa Jacob Lewis
Stranded: Medical Deserts and Swamps Exacerbate Barriers to Health Among Mobile Populations in the San Diego Border Region Nicholas Locke
Let the children play: Increasing time-spent playing through improved access to high-quality outdoor play spaces and the benefits for child health Vanessa Lopez
Children Belong In Families – Reimagining the U.S. Foster Care System Alice Lu
The Influence of Depersonalization and Social Exclusion on the Health of Homeless Persons in the United States Amanda Monique Magana
“Whose Development Is It Anyways?” An Analysis of Extra-Local Influence on Non-Communicable Diseases in the Solomon Islands Slade Mahoney
Socio-Economic and Health Disparities of Coal Miner Families in Rural Appalachia Darla Mia Martinez
Identifying Factors the Influence Family Planning Practices in Rural India Jensen Marley McLeod
Pushing for Environmental Justice in Global Health Amarachi Metu
“ZIP Codes Matter”: Understanding the Geographic Factors that Impact Health in San Diego County Mania Mgdsyan
Defining “Disorder” How Cultural and Self Concepts Affect Eating Pathology and Experience Shirelle Mizrahi
Social Support and Norms in Relation to the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescent Girls in West Africa Alice Moylan
The Embodiment of Healing Among Indigenous People: Understanding Different Forms of Healing Andrew Namkung
The Persistence of Contemporary Child Prostitution in Thailand: A Long-lasting Consequence of Global Capitalism Carol Uyen Nguyen
"Health Begins with Maternal Health" Hanvit Oh
“Roll With The Punches:" An Analysis on the Decline of Mental Health Among Amateur and Professional Athletes in the U.S. Ginikachi Olelewe
The sun rises for everybody: The Long Lived Struggle of Mapuche People for Mental Health Care In Inequitable Health Care Systems in Chile Lauren Olson
Why do we remain in a global water crisis? Elizabeth Pairis
Protect Mothers At All Costs: How Socio-Economic and Cultural Disparities Contribute to the Growing Rates of Maternal Mortality in Rural South India Melissa Palafox
Highly Addictive, Highly Effective; A Look Inside The Killer Opioid Epidemic Shani Park
Heat Waves, Climate Change, and Health in India Thi Phan
Living with Diabetes As a Mexican Deportee: The Difficulty Immigrants Face to Obtain Proper Healthcare and Social Support Breanna Jahaira Reyes
Walking to the Finish Line: Polio Eradication and the Remaining Hurdles Omar Sajjad
The Devastating Effects of Climate Change and Displacement Among Asia and Remote Islands Branden Salgado
Life in Limbo: A Literary Analysis of Somali Refugee Camps, Mental Health, and Refugee Policy Cassidy Shapiro
Performance over Health: Eating Disorders and Co-Morbidities among Collegiate Student Athletes Stephanie Sin
Diving into Sri Lanka to analyze the Association between Climate Patterns and Mosquito Borne Diseases Mona Singh
"The Monsters That Follow": The Long-Term Consequences of Refugee Children Exposed to Various Forms of Psychological Trauma. Thomas Skaggs
Black Mental Wellness: Equity For Lives That Matter Saraka Smith
Would you like a side of sweet and sour sauce with that? An Examination of the Growing Obesity Pandemic in Asian Nations Melissa Vajanaphanich
Low Incidence, High Mortality: Women with Breast Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa Cara Valenti
Understanding Antibiotic Resistance & the Consequences of Antibiotic Resistance in Primary Care Kirstine Walker
The Future of US Healthcare Wayne Wefel
Food insecurity, vulnerability and susceptibility to HIV/AIDS Jing Yu Weng
Refugees Escaping Syria: Structural Violence and its Active Limitation of Women’s Health Vijit Yadav
Growing Apples in the Big Apple: Investing in Urban Community Gardening to Mitigate Climate Change-Related Food Insecurity Alana Young
Not By Biology Alone: An Analysis of Social Determinants of Health Amidst the Syrian War Lena Zinner

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